Ten Things You Should Never Say To Your Music Teacher



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Inspired by an excellent post by SamPsychMeds.

We teachers hear lots of different things from our students throughout the day. Some of it brings a big smile to our faces, some of it warms our hearts, and some of it reaffirms why we became teachers. This post is not about those things.

1. Are we playing today? No, we’re not making music in music class today.

2. Can I go down to [insert teacher here]‘s class for some extra help? Sure, as long as they send you down here during their class so you can catch up on some of the stuff you missed.

3. I forgot my instrument. That’s cool. I forgot to wear pants today.

4. This piece is dumb. Actually, if you can give me a couple of valid musical reasons for not liking a piece, I might let it slide. Maybe.

5. I can’t make…

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Why is it that some people don’t understand that breaking up a relationship is not all about ‘i don’t love her or him anymore’, its not about ‘one of the parties meeting a better person’. Its high time we all knew that relationships are not just what we start whenever we want and then end whenever we want also. it’s about you been committed,been serious even if its just a simple friendship, its worth be treasured cause it involves your hearts(i.e the two parties).

Nobody wanna be friend with someone that hurts people. you don’t have to hurt people’s feelings before you are been recognized as a popular person, you earn respect when you respect others, ‘a law of nature’.

Let it be widely known that some girlfriends or boyfriends don’t breakup with their partners all just because they don’t love them again but because they have no choice, they have no choice than to let them go probably because they love their partners so much to the extent that the best way to keep them is to let them off the hook and be just friends.

You know, sometimes some relationships would have been better if only they remained at friendship, you proceeding into a ‘mutual relationship’ might ruin the whole thing you have been building all this while. Not all friendships should end as  relationships.Not at all.

Live to enjoy your friendship rather than ruining it because of some unpardonable desires.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, i never said all friendships should not end as relationships, i said some.Only the ones who know that they can keep the relationship should go into it, believe me, not everybody can maintain relationships, not everyone is mature enough to give what it takes.NOT EVERYBODY CAN.


Khloe Kardashian: Saying That Lamar Odom Wasn’t Her Soul Mate?



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As Khloe and Lamar continue to struggle with their relationship, the reality TV star uploaded a message on Oct. 31 that seemed to suggest that she already knows it’s over.

Khloe Kardashian is fighting to keep her marriage with Lamar Odom afloat, but after the struggling athlete reportedly partied hard on Oct. 30, she seemed to acknowledge that it’s a battle she cannot win. Is a divorce coming?

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Seated on my bed, and my mind went through the day. How gracious it is to hand over each day into the hands of God.

‘Ugo, wake me in an hours time’ was the last statement i made yesterday night, only to wake up around 5 this morning with the fear that i have nothing in my head for the psychology test i was going to have later in the day. With all these running through my head, my roommate, Ugo, reminded me of the jogging which was scheduled for 5:30…remembering this all together with the test i have not read for, i became very scared and all i could think of was test! test!! test!!!.

I got up from my bed, knelt down and committed my day in God’s hand cos i had the feeling that it was going to be a stressful one…i prayed and told Him to help me with the day (even if i have not done this for days). I went for the jogging, came back to my room around 7:30am of which i was to be in class by 8am. I had the fastest bath i ever imagined, within 30 minutes i was in class already. Immediately i stepped into the class, the doors were shut. All i could say was ‘thank you God'(the first round of my prayer was answered) .

All my lectures ended 12 noon so i had the opportunity to read for the test which was to take hold 5pm. I had to force myself to read all i haven’t read( that was my punishment for sleeping when i was meant to read). When it was 4:30, i left for the lecture room where i was to have the test, the test started at exactly 5pm, i could not believe my eyes when saw multiple-choice questions, infact i was the happiest on earth, i went through the questions, they were just as too easy than i could imagine…i started and after 30minutes i was through and i submitted my script to the lecturer with a big smile on my face.

On my way back to the hostel with my friends, i remembered how for the first time in weeks, i knelt down to pray to God to help me with my day and how He made everything work out for my good. How even later in the day when i was thinking of what to eat, favor came my way.

It is a great and nice thing to commit your day and even life as a whole the into the hands of the one that created you, He watched you sleep like a baby and fought all the battles for you while you were fast asleep, inviting Him into your day shouldn’t be too difficult. He longs to hear you call His name everyday just the way you greet your mother, father,wife, friends and colleagues. He loves to hear you say ‘Good morning Jesus’ when you wake up, He longs to hear you talk to Him like a best companion.

He doesn’t want too much of your time, just 20 minutes out of your 24hrs is enough, speak to Him like a brother, a friend, a companion and trust me He will direct you through out the day and even tell you what to do in all situations.You will just see things work out your own way.


Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Having Lots Of Sex Again — Report


hoping to see a new baby soon

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Kourtney and Scott are back at it! The pair have reportedly been hitting the sheets — which is totally surprising, since they sleep in separate bedrooms on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ They just can’t keep their hands off each other as their honeymoon phase is back for round two, according to a new report!

It doesn’t look like the Kardashian family’s love woes apply to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disicks relationship. The two have allegedly been having non-stop sexcapades — and it looks like there’s no stopping them! Read on to find out how the couple is spicing it up.

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Heard of many great people, seen some i have privilege to see and all i do is marvel wen i think of how these achievers have done well in life and even still doing well(for some of them that are still living). Knowing these people as great people and wanting to be as great as they are and even greater shows how important the concept of determination is. A dream might be difficult to achieve but with the help of determination it becomes an easy task.

An adage says ‘Roman was not built in a day’ achievements of these great people were not gained in a day, they worked for it. Determination is not when you try something once and if fails then you feel’ gosh, it’s over, am just a failure’. How do you ever try that again to know maybe it will get perfect when you have written yourself off already?

Taking Abraham Lincoln for example, he lost the election for the presidential seat 13 times and yet he didn’t stop trying till he got what he wanted the 14th time, this is great determination, the strength to not fall back. it is said that practice makes perfect. when you keep on trying something for a long time, you discover better ways to do it and also the ways not to, but rather when we fail once we feel ‘it’s over’.

Learning from good past inventors, we have learnt of how persistent we should be to achieve our goals and desires rather than wasting time mourning our failure, we better find opportunities in our failures and make good use of these opportunities. The good use of these opportunities make the great names of the old to be remembered in our contemporary world.

Why do you feel you can’t do something when indeed can do greater things? why do you get carried away with the mentality of impossibility rather than the possibility? All these questions find their answers in ‘DETERMINATION‘. Be determined and you’ll see yourself soaring high. Stand on your feet and take up the decision that you can do it, get rid of the mentality of  a’ never-do-well’ and try inculcating a positive mentality,

Be determined and prayerful and you will set a record that will be difficult to break.